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Recovery Toolbox for RAR

Repairs affected RAR archives, restores affected checksums, opens damaged files that were corrupted
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21 October 2014

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Tool is designed to recover data from corrupted RAR files and archives. Tool recovers files from RAR archives and minimizes data loss during recovery. Repair password protected RAR archives. Fix .RAR files and restore data from corrupted RAR files.

Features: Recovery Toolbox for RAR is a small program, that analyzes and extracts files of any format from RAR archives. Despite its sophisticated data recovery engine, it is very easy to use. Its wizard-driven, intuitive interface makes the process of corrupt RAR repair a task literally anyone can perform. It recovers information from damaged RAR files and minimizes data loss during the RAR recovery process. The minimization of data loss is managed by multiple algorithms used including some heuristic ones.

Recovery Toolbox for RAR analyzes the archive. This takes time. With more powerful processors you could make the job faster. After this, you will be asked to select files to recover. The window of Recovery Toolbox for RAR will show archive structure and a list of files, that were identified. There are three of options Check all, Uncheck all and Check good. Check all will unpack all documents, regardless of their quality. Uncheck all reverts all previously made selections and Check good will extract only complete documents that can be retrieved by the program without errors. The last phase of the process is the data integrity check, which ensures that the recovered files are fully usable. Password-protected archives are no problem for Recovery Toolbox for RAR, you will have to enter the password when prompted and the application will try to fix RAR file using the specified password. The program supports Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000.

Overall: A good tool for RAR archive repairs.

Publisher's description

Recovery Toolbox for RAR is the easiest RAR recovery solution that you can find in the Internet. It may be used if you cannot open the source archives with RAR extension that were damaged during their download or by any other reason. We believe that the interface of Recovery Toolbox for RAR application is easier than the original interface of RAR compression utility and you can get free version of this tool without looking through the instructions for this utility.
Recovery Toolbox for RAR is a small utility that can decompress affected archives of RAR format regardless of the reason of damage. It is so small and easy that you may install this solution on any PC that works under Microsoft Windows. The recovery of damaged archives can be started as soon as Recovery Toolbox for RAR is installed on your PC, just open Start-Programs and click the shortcut of utility. As you see, its interface differs from other tools for file compression, WinZip for example or other freeware solutions. We think that Recovery Toolbox for RAR is easier, please select the source file(s) of RAR format to proceed and click Next.
Since Recovery Toolbox for RAR uses several data recovery algorithms to restore affected archives, the procedure of RAR repair may take some time. Please look at the status bar of Recovery Toolbox for RAR and wait for the end of recovery. If your PC is powerful enough, it usually takes less time. Anyway, the recovery should not be stopped, please be patient and wait.
If it is over, please look through the files that were analyzed by the service of RAR repair and make your opinion about it. Please start the evaluation of Recovery Toolbox for RAR and look through the data that was restored, you should now see the list of files that were analyzed by this tool. The results of analysis is shown by exclamation points of three colors, red, yellow and blue. After the testing, our customers can save output documents to their disks and close the utility.
Recovery Toolbox for RAR
Recovery Toolbox for RAR
Version 1.2.29
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